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Children's Services | Finding Quality Child Care


            Finding Quality Child Care



Find out which child care providers in Idaho participate in the Idaho STARS Quality Rating and Improvement System.



The Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is a referral service of Panhandle Health District.  We match parents looking for child care with people who can provide care specific to each family's needs. The CCRC's mission is: To enhance the quality, availability and accessibility of child care throughout northern Idaho.


The Child Care Resource Center staff helps parents find:

  • Individuals who provide child care in their own homes.
  • Child care centers.
  • Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP)-approved child care providers for eligible parents.


The Child Care Resource Center benefits child care providers by:

  • Helping parents find providers.
  • Letting providers set the rate charged for child care.
  • Helping providers use their child care skills and experiences.
  • Helping providers find training and resources to use in their child care business.
  • Connecting providers to other programs that support child care providers.


Child Care Resource Center Contacts:

  • Program Coordinator - Sam Tuskan- (208) 415-5145
  • Referral Specialist  - Tish Aguiar - (208) 415- 5146
  • Quality Child Care Consultant - Tammy Quinn - (208) 415-5142
  • Email:
  • Important Idaho Child Care Program contacts


For child care providers:  To access child care materials, books, toys, training DVDs and more, click on the Lending Library Catalog (Loads slowly) link.



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