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Vaccines for Children


Click here for the most current Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children from birth to 6 years.


Click here for the most current Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children ages 7 through 18 years.


Does the MMR vaccine cause autism? Read for yourself! (click!)


Immunization Reality


The best way to protect (click) your child from certain diseases is to immunize. Some vaccines are more effective than others. Most vaccines prevent disease altogether. A few people do not develop long lasting protection from vaccines and can still get the disease. When this happens, the person will have a less severe bout of the illness than if they had not been vaccinated.


                                                           A Comparison to Consider

Seat Belts
  • Do not prevent exposure to a virus or bacteria
  • May prevent disease altogether if exposed
  • Greatly reduces the chance of serious illness
  • Nearly eliminates the chance of death
  • Do not prevent a car accident
  • May prevent any injury if in an accident
  • Greatly reduces the chance of serious injury
  • Nearly eliminates the chance of death
The Safest and Best way to protect your child is to Immunize!


Idaho participates in Vaccines for Children, a federal program. Under the program, the state covers the costs for vaccines for children up to age 19. PHD charges an admininstration fee to cover the costs of vaccine storage and nurses'  time.

Idaho also provides a free central immunization registry that helps families stay current on their children's needed immunizations. Click on IRIS for more information. IRIS contracts between the Idaho Immunization Program and the seven local health departments have been cancelled due to budget constraints. The cancellation of these contracts does not affect the availability or functionality of IRIS. IRIS is still available to all enrolled providers and is encouraged to be used by all immunization providers and schools and childcare facilities. IRIS will continue to be housed and maintained by the IIP. Local Public Health Departments will no longer provide IRIS training and support. Please contact the IRIS helpdesk for training, user names, passwords or other IRIS questions/needs.

For appointments, call:

  • Benewah County - 245-4556
  • Bonner County - 263-5159
  • Boundary County - 267-5558
  • Kootenai County - 415-5270
  • Shoshone County - 786-7474


More Vaccine information:



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