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Public Water Systems








Panhandle Health District administers the Public Water System program under contract from the Department of Environmental Quality. A public drinking water system is any system that provides water to at least 15 service connections or regularly serves an average of at least 25 individual daily at least 60 days of the year.

Panhandle Health District is responsible for the very small public systems in the five northern counties. Panhandle Health District provides technical asstance, for example information on water sampling or a sanitary survey in which all components are checked for compliance with regulations. Sanitary surveys occur every five years.

PHD maintains compliance for 38 communities, 24 small operations that serve the same population each day, such as schools, and 145 small operations that serve a changing daily population, such as a campground or restaurant.

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  • Kootenai County - (208) 415-5220
  • Benewah County - (208) 245-4556
  • Bonner County - (208) 265-6384
  • Boundary County - (208) 267-5558
  • Shoshone County - (208) 786-7474


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