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Jim Fenton

Fiscal Director



 Panhandle Health District's Fiscal department prepared and is managing an operation budget of $10.1 million for Fiscal Year 2014. The budget covers the costs of public health services in the five northern counties as well as the 115 PHD employees who provide those services.



Here's what goes into PHD's budget:

  • State funding                                       11 percent
  • County funding                                    11 percent
  • Fees for services                                32 percent
  • Contracts                                              45 percent
  • Interest/donations/use of reserves    1 percent

The District goes through two separate budget processes each year. The state appropriation budget is submitted each fall using the state budget guidelines. The county or "operating" budget is prepared each spring for presentation to the county commissioners of the Panhandle for the county funding. With 75-80 percent of the District's budget coming from contracts and fees, the Fiscal office spends considerable time and effort tracking program costs, billing for services performed under contract and managing cash.

Other duties of the Fiscal office include purchasing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial reporting, cost accounting, grant reporting, liaison to the state auditor and controller offices, vital statistics and managing the District's buildings.


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