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Grand opening of St. Maries office, 2008


Panhandle Health District is one of seven health districts in the state of Idaho. In 1970, the Idaho Legislature recognized the value a formal public health structure would provide Idaho residents. That year, the Legislature created the health districts to ensure that all Idahoans have access to local public health services.

Each district covers a group of counties:

The health districts share a common vision--Healthy People in Healthy Communities--and common goals, to:

  • prevent disease,
  • promote healthy lifestyles
  • and protect the health and quality of the environment.


PHD, like every health district, is locally controlled and governed. County commissioners from Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties appoint a Board of Health that governs PHD's policies based on its unique local needs.

PHD is a single purpose district, much like a school district, and not a state agency. It supports its programs with funding from the state, counties it serves, fees from clients, grants and contracts with federal and state agencies.

Public health services vary by district but generally fall into five broad areas:

  • Infectious disease investigation and control
  • Health education
  • Family and community health
  • Environmental Health and
  • Public health preparedness.


Browse our website, contact us with questions and stop by any PHD office in the five northern counties. Here's more information on health districts:


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